Day: 5 September 2020

Film recommendation: Sócrates
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Film recommendation: Sócrates

This moving film tells the story of a gay black teenager in Brazil, facing homelessness and discrimination for his sexuality after his mother’s sudden death. Alexandre Moratto’s film opens with 15-year-old Sócrates trying to waken his mother, but she is dead. They had been living on the margins of society in São Paulo, and now the teenager must try to make ends meet without being returned to his father or placed in a foster home. He tries to look after himself, turning up to do his mother’s cleaning job and claiming she is ill. But when the truth emerges, he has to leave – he is underage and nobody can employ him. He finds work in a junkyard but gets into a fight with co-worker Maicon who accuses him of trying too hard. But this inauspicious start leads to a developing relationship. ...
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