Cropped haircuts and political idiocy – Pt. 2

Let’s break down the myth that the right Honourable Jeremy Corbyn is a friend of the community.

Mr Corbyn has shared platforms with Islamic cleric Sheik Raed Salah, who has called for all homosexuals to be thrown off rooftops, political activist Abu Jaja who demanded that homosexuals have their throats slit from left to right, the three meetings with the Islamic government of Tunisia who have implemented homosexuality as a punishable crime, the multiple private gatherings with the ex leader of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who publicly hanged homosexuals while Corbyn was and still is on Iran’s payroll and last but not least a large donation to the Labour party by the world renown Holocaust denier David Irwin was gracefully accepted (you can imagine what his stance would be on homosexuality considering he is a public figure in the UK and in the German Nazi activist and political groups)… the list is quite an extensive one but above is enough for someone intrigued to carry out a personal research. However, all the information provided can be found on google reported by credible sources.

How can Jeremy Corbyn be in alliance with the LGBT community when he has called Hamas and Hezbollah friends; Organisations recognised by the United Nations as terror groups. I doubt very much these terrorist friends of Mr Corbyn would be willing to spend a night exploring London’s famous GAY bar for happy hour to then move on to SHE bar’s progressive music or perhaps take a swing by the Village bar to see gorgeous men giving the punters a dance or two on the poles. Mr Corbyn does not know where his loyalties lie, so why are we putting our community at risk by supporting such a dangerous individual who C.O.B.R.A stated ‘is a national threat to the UK’s security’.

Mind boggling to imagine how the LGBT+ community have sided with a politician who cannot even stand up for simple basic Human Rights in fear of offending his terrorist and homophobic friends. Show me your friends Mr Corbyn and I’ll tell you who you are. Oops I already have…

Let’s move on from politics to confront the Lesbian fashion requirements thus one could only imagine how Karl Lagerfeld  would be turning in his grave, if he saw what walked through the doors of She bar, GAY bar and the Royal Vauxhall Tavern. I would very much like to paint you a picture that would compete with the likes of Klimt’s magical works of femininity and colour but I must disappoin

t you one last time. It has always been an eye catcher and finger pointing game of ‘can you spot the lesbian in the street’. While most claim to have had difficulties sussing out the lesbians of pre-2010 a bit like the game of punching your friend in the shoulder for spotting a yellow car, it is not difficult to find your lickalotupus mamals roaming the streets of busy London.

Meet Jasmine. Jasmine likes to go by the name Jaz because it sounds less feminine and more lesbian. Jaz is modelling dark British racing green trousers that fall just above the ankles. She has matched her trousers with a beige and brown striped wavy unironed shirt with her sleeves rolled up to show off her tattoos. She doesn’t wear makeup as she feels like many lesbians do, it gives the wrong impression of femininity and conflicts with the feminist movement. Her hair is strawberry blonde with a turquoise streak that falls beside her right cheek, while her perfectly tight ponytail bobbles on her head. To finish of her dress sense statement of ‘hey look at me, I’m a lesbian’, she is wearing a pair of brown low cut Doc-Martens. The governance of mix-matched non-colour coordination that would give a colour blind person a headache.

If you haven’t yet bumped into the cropped haircut lesbians, the badly dressed suited up lesbians or the ‘just thrown together mix and match boot car sale clothes’ lesbians then you most certainly are in for a treat. The less you look like a woman the more you are accepted in the community.

With a dress code in place comes the awful mannerisms and behaviours. Lesbian behaviour leans towards aggressiveness, violence and all round ill-manners. The perfect lesbian would be someone who dressed, talked and behaved like Eminem.

A sad moment in time for the community and not much light at the end of the tunnel. I guess we should be investing in flashlights or better yet, you don’t want to be frightened so turn the lights off.

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