Eurovision 2024 – Qualifiers of the second semifinal

We have 10 more qualifiers for the grand finale of Eurovision 2024 in Malmö.

What a show this second semifinal of Eurovision 2024, but hey! Malta was robbed! Period!

There is no other explanation  if Latvia – which has got a great song this year but gave such a flat show on that stage yesterday night – made it to final and Sorah Bonnici did not!!!

This said: welcome to a new reaction, this time for the second semifinal of Eurovision Song Contest 2024! My name is Raffa and this is TheGaylyMirror.

Let’s start from the whole show: Sweden really knows how to host a Eurovision, and they are showing it every single moment. Not a technical imperfection, not a single dead second, and a great flowing of the acts one after the other. The choice of the hosts and the “funny” jokes they delivered, this year, is making me think that possibly they run out of budget or something.

Do not get me wrong, please: I love when they try to be self-deprecating, but too often, I had the feeling that they tried to hide a their being self-congratulatory with some self-irony. Don’t you think?

I loved, loved, loved the show the Kärjaa from Finland, gave on the EUROVISION stage yesterday night, and let’s be honest: we all know that he was greatly robbed last year.

The sing along moment… and Petra saying “if you remember all the lyrics, then you are really homosexual…..ehm…a big fun”…. Were we supposed to laugh?

All in all… a good show, where Angelina Mango gave it all on that stage and made us all Italians around the world be so proud.

I live you with the video and the live reactions to the acts of the second semifinal of Eurovision 2024…let me have your thoughts.

bye now!


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