Eurovision Song Contest 2022 Australia – Video Reaction to Sheldon Riley – Not The Same –

On this road to Eurovision Song Contest 2022 in Turin, I’m reacting to @Sheldon Riley ’s song – Not The Same – from Australia Decides 2022.

This year’s song from Australia for Eurovision Song Contest 2022 is a very intense, profound and touching song, teaching us the importance of self-acceptance and of being strong in a society that wants us all to fit in a square box. 

It is a song that touched my heart from inside and in which I can see myself of a few years ago telling lies to me and my dear ones just to hide how much the world around me was hurting me. 

On a “fun” side, the song does remind of other songs from the past of Eurovision, and has a very strong resemblance to “Husavik” from “Eurovision fire Saga”… check the video and tell me your opinion 😛

Enjoy the video, and do share your thoughts with us!

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Sing along with Sheldon Riley

Not The Same 

I was told at six years old

They’d avoid me if my heart was cold

Found it hard to talk and speak my mind

They never liked the things that I would like

‘Cause you’re told to play, but you’re not the same

As the other kids playing the same games

Try to jump on in, but they push away

So far away

I’m not the same, no

I’m not the same, no

Years went by, I tried and tried

My father asked me if today I smiled

I said, “Yes, I did”, but that’s a lie

Oh, I always tell those lies

Then you run and hide, hide the break inside

‘Til you realise that the light shines bright

Through those, oh, who’ve broken inside

I’m not the same, no

I’m not the same, no

I’m not the same, no

I’m not the same, no

‘Cause you never want to be the kind of person

Who can’t work it for those ones who cannot word it

‘Cause you’ve been the kind of person who felt this pain

Oh yeah, I felt this pain

So you go and leave the pain and find another way

To make yourself another game

Maybe one for all to play

‘Cause it’s not just me who’s not the same

We’re not the same

We’re not the same, no

We’re not the same, no

We’re not the same, no

We’re not the same, no

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