Festival di Sanremo 2024 Line Up Revealed

We’ve got the line up of Festival di Sanremo 2024!!

On this Road to Eurovision 2024, one of the most followed Music Festivals of all times, Festival Di Sanremo 2024, has revealed the singers competing next year.

Festival di Sanremo 2024 Line Up Revealed - TheGaylyMirror.com
Festival di Sanremo 2024 Line Up Revealed – TheGaylyMirror.com

Sanremo Giovani 2024

And here we are, just a couple of months before the big event at the Ariston Theatre, I followed Sanremo Giovani yesterday. I rejoiced with the three winners that will compete amongst the “big” singers at Festival di Sanremo 2024.

At Festival di Sanremo 2024, three slots have been held back for the newcomers of Sanremo Giovani. And yesterday the competition and the level of quality were very high.

The three qualifiers from Sanremo Giovani are:

Clara  /  BNKR44  /  Santi Francesi

Sanremo Giovani 2024 - Winners - TheGaylyMirror.com
Sanremo Giovani 2024 – Winners – TheGaylyMirror.com

We now have a full line up of artists and songs!

These are the 30 tunes that will compete at Festival di Sanremo 2024:

Ghali – Casa Mia
Alessandra Amoroso – Fino a Qui
Gazzelle – Tutto Qui
Ricchi e Poveri – Ma Non Tutta La Vita
Dargen d’Amico – Onda Alta
Angelina Mango – La Noia
Fred De Palma – Il Cielo Non Ci Vuole
Fiorella Mannoia – Mariposa
Loredana Bertè – Pazza
Mr Rain – Due Altalene
Geolier – I p’me, Tu p’ te
Negramaro – Ricominciamo Tutto
Rose Villain – Click Boom!
Mahmood – Tuta Gold
Diodato – Ti Muovi
Annalisa – Sinceramente
Il Volo – Capolavoro
Emma – Apnea
Francesco Renga & Nek – Pazzo Di Te
La Sad – Autodistruttivo
Irama – Tu No
BigMama – La Rabbia Non Ti Basta
The Kolors – Un Ragazzo Una Ragazza
Sangiovanni – Finiscimi
Il Tre – Fragili
Alfa – Vai!
Maninni – Spettacolare
Santi Francesi – L’amore In Bocca (From Sanremo Giovani)
Clara – Diamanti Grezzi (From Sanremo Giovani)
BNKR44 – Governo Punk (From Sanremo Giovani)

I am absolutely sure that we will be singing Sanremo 2024’s song pretty soon!

Do I hope for some Sanremo-Leaks? Yes, I do. Unfortunately, as the traditions want, all 30 songs participating will be revealed for the first time at Festival di Sanremo.

Sanremo 2024 will be broadcast every evening from Tuesday 6th February to Saturday 10th February 2024 on RaiUno.

Returners and Eurovision Contestants of the past

Emma, Mahmood, Il Volo and Diodato will compete again at Sanremo after respectively winning the editions in 2014, 2019 & 2022, 2015 and 2020. They represented Italy at Eurovision Song Contest and let me say, some of them really made Italians proud of them!

Will they be aiming for the victory again? Possibly so!

In my opinion, Italy needs some fresh faces and a more international touch with their acts.

Annalisa could be that face and that touch of freshness that Italy could use at this year’s Eurovision.

Italy at Eurovision Song Contest

And while we wait to see who will represent Italy at ESC2024 in Malmö, let’s have a look at the history of Italy at Eurovision.

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