Have I found love or is it lesbian infatuation ?

Bound and imprisoned by infatuation when we could work a little harder to find true love.


Do we know the difference between love and infatuation or is our misunderstanding of both meanings the cause to our short term relationship syndrome ? I have recently met a woman who has captured my very being but am I being too hasty in divulging that I am in love after one month ? Is the ‘love’ that I feel true or is it simply infatuation ? I am certain that it is possible to love immediately when a strong bond has naturally developed but could that connection be the answer to my question or am I running away from my subconsciousness. 


Lesbian relationships always commence with a big bang and finish with an even greater dramatical ending that no one could have foreseen yet expect. We rush into relationships with the best of intentions but why are we terribly eager to commit when we are fully aware of our reputation and personal track records. Perhaps we are individuals that crave the emotional rollercoaster and thus prisoners of our heart’s content. Cringeworthy as my next sentence is about to be, my fairytale ending is what I am longing for. But am I trapped by our reputable syndrome or have I probably found my forever after. 


We do not have lesbian role models where we can look upon two women in a long term relationship. Instead, we have the drama stories that circulate around Soho like Chinese whispers. Obviously, our infatuation syndrome and promiscuity has led us to lose all possibility in gaining future respect. Instead, we are renown for our ‘fuck-ups’. The first week of meeting our date we enter into a relationship, the second week we move in together, the third week we get married and by the fourth week we are divorced with an ongoing verbal battle that can last up to a year. I am thankful that for the first time in my life I can honestly admit that my new relationship is not based on infatuation but on my heart having skipped a beat. We no longer hear of people experiencing stomach butterflies and heart palpitations when around a potential partner but once that specific physical experience has been met, then you will truly know the difference between love and infatuation.

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