Lady Gaga: our Sailor Moon paladin of Pop and Love in Stupid Love

We have all waited a long time for her return to the “origins” and she has not disappointed us.

The stories related to the songs and those videos that seem like episodes of TV series, of those series that we all love and look forward to when the next episode is released to learn about the evolution of the plot, the lives and destinies of the characters but above all – at least in this case – to live the new adventures of Chromatica, the new paladin of love.

Stupid Love is a song that at times recalls the settings and rhythms of “Born this way”, which develops thanks to an easy and direct text, that we all sang it already after the first minute of listening, and to a refrain that immediately gets into your head.

A video that opens with a small story that helps us understand the meaning of what we are about to see, the shot that moves on two men fighting each other (one of which immediately reminds me of Judas of the homonymous song and related video) and the arrival of the paladin of love, Lady Gaga.

She, the Mother Monster of all of us who suddenly turns into Sailor Gaga.

It promises to be an album full of beautiful songs and that will make us love pop more than before.

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