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Homocaust – the Holocaust of Gay People – Part 2
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Homocaust – the Holocaust of Gay People – Part 2

Paragraph 175 is one of the saddest and hardest chapters of our modern history. As we said in the previous part of this article, Hitler assumed that homosexuality was a "degenerate behaviour" (later said by one who was a slave to at least 80 different types of drugs that he injected or took every day ...) and that represented a threat to the demographic capacity of the state: gays were denounced as "enemies of the state" and accused as "corrupters" of public morality that endangered the birth rate of Nazi Germany. More than a million gays were victims of the Nazi regime even if they were not immediately given the same treatment as Jews; as components, albeit "deviant", of the "master race" (at least for those not of Jewish origin) he tried to convince them to adopt a "correct" sexuality. ...
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