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I love you, I want you, but I want to change you

I love you, I want you, but I want to change you

It is the main feature of fatuous love - lots of passion and good intentions but no real stability that comes from true and deep intimacy. The bad habit of wanting to change the person you say you're in love with, turn them into someone they are not, and fix their shortcomings is not love. It is a lack of respect towards the person you're supposed to like, not to change. Psychology calls it fatuous love, that is the kind of relationship where one of the two wants the other to embody a particular ideal of man/woman. If this is your case, let me tell you something you may not be aware of. You are not in love with a person. You are in love with an ideal lover. But what's ideal is never real because reality is never flawless. When your partner changes just because you tell them so, they...
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