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Eurovision 2021: Eyes open on the odds!
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Eurovision 2021: Eyes open on the odds!

Ok, ok. I know what you are thinking: 'Never listen to the odds, everything can change until May'. True. But we all love to check the odds now and then, especially for a music competition like Eurovision that we all love and follow religiously (and sometimes too dramatically!). This is why I have decided today to analyze with you the odds 'bottom five', or at least what bettors consider as the worst entries in this year's Eurovision. Unjust? Unfair? A huge mistake we'll all regret the day of the finale? Let's start the drama... Estonia: Uku Suviste - The Lucky One (35th place) A pop ballad brought to us by the Estonian singer Uku Suviste. A 'cry of pain' caused by the end of a love story through which the artist explains how even the most beautiful and intense relationships can c...
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