There is hope for gay couples in Scotland who want to have a baby by NHS Surrogate.

There is hope and “an open door” for others.

A happy ending for Ross and Chris Muller, a Scottish couple that lives in Edinburgh and got married after 8 years of relationship. A couple that – like many others – always dreamed about starting a family together and finally their dream is coming true.

They initially looked at adoption before settling on surrogacy, and having one of the best news in the world for them.

After many researches they finally found a way to get surrogacy, but there is something we always have to keep in mind when taking this option into consideration: the super expensive costs of private surrogacy.

They did not give up.

As reported on the Daily Record, once they faced this very bad surprise, they asked NHS to help them but their request was refused because they are a same-sex couple.

Ross said: “We had to keep pushing on that door and it was new to the hospital so they hadn’t done this before, that’s when they told us that we would be the first in Scotland to go through this.” Quickly enough they found a surrogate from Cambridge and last November they tried surrogacy for the first time. 

They would have never guessed that in only 10 days the surrogate would call them and tell them they were expecting a baby! The entire process was funded by NHS and therefore the couple did not have to pay a single penny. Isn’t this fantastic? Oh, yeah! 

To the Daily Record, Ross said: “I think a lot of same-sex couples, male and female, don’t know that this exists, like we didn’t until we found out about it. Adoption, as amazing as it is, shouldn’t always be the way that same-sex couples go and the NHS does have an open door because we’ve gone through it. A lot has changed since what we went through – the forms don’t say mother and father, they say parent A and B – it’s little things like that. I think it will be a lot easier for people to go down this path if they want to. The NHS has done everything from start to finish pretty much. We were prepared (to go private) but then we thought, ‘Actually we pay in like everyone else, why wouldn’t we get something out?”

There is hope for more same-sex couples and this is so heartwarming.

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