Uno…dos, cuatro! Little Big from Russia to Eurovision Song Contest 2020

It Friday and on Friday we don’t worry about anything (or at least we try not to) because all we want is to have fun.

So this year Russia has decided to be represented by a band that in Russia and Europe is already quite famous, whose SKIBIDI choreography has become the most reproduced meme on TikTok in Russia in recent months.

Gentle Ladies and Gentle Gays… please, welcome Little Big Band on the stage!

But no, they have decided to surprise us even more: Little Big will go on stage in Rotterdam 2020 with UNO.

Little Big Band is from St. Petersburg and the group members are Ilya Prusikin, Sonya Tayurskaya, Anton Lissov and Sergey Makarov. The group represents a burning cocktail of absurdity, combined with powerful punk-pop-rave music and is currently among the most played groups on Russian and European discos dance floors.

In my opinion, this is one of those completely carefree songs, with no social purpose at all, except to entertain the listeners … and dear Little Big #YouAreDoingItRight.

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