Così come messo in evidenza in questo post bisogna agire contro chi ancora tenta di abbattere gli sforzi che la comunità LGBT italiana sta facendo per le pari dignità e soprattuto per le cattiverie e offese gratuite pubblicate sulle pagine del suo sito!

Vi chiedo dunque di copia e incollare e ovviamente inviare a il seguento testo firmandovi alla fine della mail!

più siamo e più non potranno ignorare quello che è sotto i nostri occhi e che loro non capiscono perché è scritto in italiano!

In oltre così come ha fatto il caro Dax qui vi invito a inviare anche voi una mail di protesta alla cara Ministra Carfagna sperando che possa fare qualcosa e che si interessa a questa cosa che rientra a pieno nei suoi compiti di ufficio!




Da uomo” (From man) is born to be a magazine only for men.

It is born to be a fixed point to help men finding out info and curiosities of a clear masculine interest.

Being a only-for-men-community we would prefer that gay individuals, homosexual people would not take part to the life of our webzine. This is because it is likely that they wouldn’t be able to understand the meaning of what is daily shown on our website.

We do not want to marginalize them, instead, we really hope they can soon straighten their selves up and clear their minds. Unfortunately gays already are sad protagonists of our daily life, filling television, newspapers, magazines with their exasperation and their delirium of egocentricity. We may then consider gays as individuals who have “betrayed” our gender to become something else, and that willy-nilly have ruined the image of real -man. We regret that in their belief in being “right”, to be “normal”, they only end up having continuous outbursts of vulgarity and often find themselves to be unduly rude. We also regret that in this “belief” of them, they fail to understand how many times they end up embarrassing and hurting people around them especially their loved ones.

Because one thing is a homosexual man who lives his nature keeping for himself and his accomplice their sexual beliefs and another is being pesky, shouting out loud their deviant sexuality often full of bad taste and vulgarity.

One who at least once attended a Gay Pride is well aware to see only groups of poor people in shorts and striped loincloths, thinking they are “fashion” by wearing women’s clothes, there’s nothing much to look at.

Who knows what there really is to be proud of?

A heterosexual man – fortunately – is proud to be A MAN 365 days a year, and does not need to turn in his underwear aboard of rickety trucks to communicate his nature. Their parades should be replaced with some group sitting therapy to the psychoanalyst, or a cinematographic therapy based on Steven Seagal, Marlon Brando, rather than Sylvester Stallone’s films.

We are sorry that they do not realize how common people is tired of their perversions, their violent shouting of their disgusting sexual orientation. But then how can we have pity on them if they are not longer able to recognize the right human being they have to go with to reproduce and build a family? It is evident that they need help. The day that these individuals will practically prove giving us a good and serious demonstration of wanting to integrate into civil society, we will remove our ” internal rule “.

For the moment, we still consider them for what they show to be every day:

Often Vulgar; obscene; rude; shameless; with no elegance and no good taste; disrespect for the others round them; but Above All GAY.

Dear Sirs,

this email is here to state our feeling of indignation towards what is a website that wearing the mask of a Men’s Style Magazine is instead a sort of community of homophobic and racist persons.

It is very sad nowadays to still have people like the owner of the website – Mr. Diego Mantegana – writing such offensive words about gay people, especially after so many pacific struggles to gain equal civil rights!

In your “Sitelutions Acceptable Use Policy & Member Agreement”at the “Grossly offensive or illegal material” poin you specify:Using Sitelutions to host, redirect to, or provide DNS for a site that contains material that we deem grossly offensive violates the Acceptable Use Policy “Grossly offensive material,” by our definition, includes pages that exploit images of children under 18 years of age, pages that include clear expressions of bigotry, racism, or hatred, “how-to” sites which promote illegal activities, such as the creation and/or use of weapons illegally, and pages that link to other sites which we deem offensive. InfoRelay, at it’s sole discretion, may deem a site “grossly offensive.” “Illegal material” includes but is not limited to copyrighted media, such as software, images, and audio files.”

Now, reading the translation of what he wrote and according to you isn’t this a very offensive and pushing-to-violence website?

Me and all the LGBT Italian groups really hope you will think about a proper action towards this webzine and its owner in order to ensure equal treatment of all humans races no matter what religion, sex, sexual orientation, colour they are.

I would also take this chance to inform you that via Gay Associations in Italy we wrote to Welfare Minister and are boycotting this website. We trust in you!

I wait for your prompt and kind reply.

Best Regards

Nome e Cognome.

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  1. @tutti: grance raga! a questo ora lo conciamo noi per le feste! e loro hanno risposto lo stesso a me…ma gli avvocati dell’arcigay ci stanno già pensando!
    @diego: secondo te battersi per i nostri diritti di gente civilie e per bene, per i nostri diritti base di esseri umani, è far nulla? Far nulla è proprio quello che fai tu: offendere gratuitamente noi omosessuali! va a lavorare tu che noi qui ci impegnamo tantissimo sia nel lavoro che nello studio! Ricorda: I PIÙ GRANDI SCENZIATI, ARTISTISTI E PERSONE IMPORTANTI COME AD ESEMPIO LEONARDO DA VINCI ERANO E SONO GAY!… fattene una ragione!

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