Month: September 2021

Film recommendation: Sweetheart (15)
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Film recommendation: Sweetheart (15)

Sweetheart is a refreshing, very British, take on the coming-of-age story as AJ navigates troubled family dynamics, first love and the difficulties of defining herself during an uncomfortable family holiday. For socially awkward, environmentally conscious teenager AJ (Nell Barlow), planning a gap year trip to knit jumpers for elephants is much more appealing than spending a week with her family at a British seaside holiday park. Yet, she finds herself in a caravan on the Dorset coast with her mum Tina (Jo Hartley, This Is England, Eddie the Eagle, After Life), little sister Dayna, pregnant older sister Lucy and Lucy’s boyfriend Steve (Samuel Anderson, Danny from Doctor Who). AJ, who is at that point of trying to figure out exactly who she is, expects this to be ‘a week of hell’ – her mu...
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