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Raffa – Editor in Chief

Raffa_TGM_profilePicA European Italian soul which is passionate about travelling, good food, Eurovision, books and LGBT+ activism. With more than 13 years experience in blogging with IlPuntoH, Raffa wanted to start a new international LGBT+ project, this is why TGM was born. A strong belief in TEAM work because Together Everyone Achieves More.


Roberta Moore


roberta mooreRoberta has spent many years writing from the comforts of her flat but has finally decided it is time to give the community a piece of her mind. Controversial at times, she delivers what so many of us are thinking. In her free time she is a keen metal detectorist, a sushi fanatic and a passionate Middle-Eastern political enthusiast. A happy-go-lucky person who speaks what’s on her mind. A recognised public relations and campaigning consultant, she will most definitely give as good as it gets and hopes that you can receive.

Born in Venezuela and raised in Italy, he’s always considered himself a true LGBTQ+ London’s nightlife lover. He’s very passionate about the history of this great and crazy city, its culture, its bars, clubs, restaurants, but also – or mainly – its most hidden gems such as independent music venues, LGBTQ+ groups, emerging artists etc.
He considers the London LGBTQ+ community like a big Italian family: enormous, sometimes full of difficulties and drama, but also full of love, always ready to fight against discriminations and happy to welcome anyone from around the world who’s looking for a taste of colorful freedom and tolerance.

Rebecca del Tufo

Paul Bloomfield

Rebecca del Tufo - The Gayly MirrorRebecca programmes for two small UK cinemas, and loves sharing her passion for great movies. She used to be a lawyer but has more fun, if less money, in the world of film – watching, planning and talking about films. She’ll be sharing her thoughts on LGBT+ films for The Gayly Mirror. You only need to decide what the next movie you will watch.
Born and raised in the lovely Portugal’s Capital City of Lisbon, he considers himself a true wanderer. Jorge loves travelling, multiculturalism, sustainability values (a proud vegaytarian!), watching movies and Netflix, theatre shows and or course, Eurovision! Overall, he’s passionate for all forms of art you can possibly imagine. He studied Tourism and Hospitality and loves welcoming everyone aboard and showing the true colors of Lisbon and Portugal!


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