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The Gayly Mirror is a brand new on-line magazine born from an idea and the experience of our Chief Editor, Raffa, who with his Italian LGBT+ on line magazine – IlPuntoH.com – has delivered free information from all around the world on everything the LGBT+ world is about.

Together with news about music, festivals, live coverage of the Eurovision Song Contest and interviews to LGBT+ activists, singers, artists and politicians, the experience he had matured with IlPuntoH was, in a way or another, leading him to look for a bigger stage to step on offering him the chance to reach a wider audience.

This is why The Gayly Mirror is born; to offer news from all around the world, talk about new music releases, new events, happenings, Gay Pride Parades, live together music festivals and much more using a lingua franca… English.

The Gayly Mirror is happy and proud to promote free and equal exchange of ideas, opinions and points of view, coming from readers and writers together with self acceptance between human beings; to demolish as much as possible all prejudices about LGBT+ people and above to always peacefully fight for free information.

There is not just one point of view in what we publish or report, there is always a starting point of view inviting all readers to express their own points of view, welcoming them and promoting communication, talks towards the formation of an on-line community.

In the end, what I can see in a mirror, will never be what someone else sees reflected in it, and this is absolutely fine and marvellous.

What are we looking for?

Writers, from all over the world which can release at lest 2 or 3 posts on a weekly basis, guaranteeing continuity, and offering information from their own Country on LGBT+ life and lifestyle, events, new music releases, and anything else it is believed to be interesting for a worldwide audience. 

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