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Film recommendation: Strong Island
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Film recommendation: Strong Island

Watch this topical documentary as we all reflect on racial injustice, families and the power of a strongly told story. On top of a global pandemic, two issues are now dominating the news and internet, with worldwide Black Lives Matter protests and JK Rowling’s ill-conceived intervention in the debate around trans lives (a debate fostered mainly by cis white women). So what better film to watch this week – to think, reflect and learn – than Yance Ford’s documentary Strong Island on Netflix. Nominated for an Oscar in 2018, it is a film about racial (in)justice, made by a trans filmmaker. William Ford Jr, the director’s older brother, was just 24 when he was murdered by a 19-year-old white man, Mark Reilly, after a petty argument in a garage. But Reilly walked free after minimal investiga...
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