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HIV. Did you get tested?
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HIV. Did you get tested?

HIV is just one of the many viruses you are likely to catch whenever you have unprotected sex. No matter if it's full sex or just oral nor if you're straight or non-straight, a top or a bottom, a man or a woman: safer sex doesn't mean you can't get infected. Don't panic, though! It's not as bad as it sounds - as long as you get regularly tested.  A healthy human body is pretty unlikely to catch HIV. A human body with high levels of alcohol and drugs is a whole other thing. These substances remarkably weaken the immune system, making it much easier for infections (of all types) to spread. Before continuing to read, you'd better be aware that I did not try to "sweeten the pill" in this post. At first, when you get HIV, you feel just nothing. In most cases, something happens after a whil...
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