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Bolivia’s first Same-Sex Union – history is being made!
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Bolivia’s first Same-Sex Union – history is being made!

After a two-year legal battle Guido and David could finally get their status recognised by the law. Could this first gay civil partnership lead to more LGBT+ rights in Bolivia? Guido Montano, one of the first two gay men to ever get into a same-sex union in the country, told WPR Linda Farthing: “The biggest change is a mental one. It may seem a vague idea in day-to-day life […] but I just immediately sensed that we have more rights.” When l in January both of them contracted COVID-19, without a legal recognition of their status, they were forced to look at the worst-case scenario where all they had built together so far was going to get lost, bu now, as Guido says, “with David really ill, the fact that we can now leave our pensions to each other and that we would have had no proble...
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