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Onward gets censored in Russia and Saudi countries
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Onward gets censored in Russia and Saudi countries

This is what happens when ignorance and homophobia get together. Disney-Pixar's Onward introduces us to the first openly gay character in the history of animated movies: Agent Specter, who in a quick joke, talks about her girlfriend and her daughter who "makes her lose her mind" Lena Waithe, the voice of Agent Specter in this cartoon, had the idea to let her character talk about a girlfriend rather than a husband. She told the director: “Can I say it? Isn’t it cooler? The word husband does not work”. Indeed the word girlfriend worked a lot better, but this was enough to scare those homophobic countries like Russia and Saudis which just cannot accept Agent Specter’s homosexuality. So, just in a time when the world economy has to deal with a frightening enemy, this damned COVID -19, Saudi...
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