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Here’s why you’d better come out
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Here’s why you’d better come out

Coming out of the closet allows you to confirm your identity and feel acknowledged. But it can't be an obligation. It has to be your choice. Coming out of the closet can be hard. It can stress you out, especially if you live in a highly homophobic family and/or environment. Whoever has already come out knows the benefits that come after speaking the truth. But we all remember the insecurities and unbearable pain before coming out. Almost all non-heterosexual people (in particular those born in the XX century) spent years and years denying their real sexual orientation. Some still do and hide in the closet, but that's a different story. Those among us who have overcome fear and shame know how better life can be once out of the closet. Nonetheless, in some cases, it's not as easy as i...
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