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Is it safe to travel to “anti-gay” countries?
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Is it safe to travel to “anti-gay” countries?

Maybe the real question is: are "anti-gay" countries really dangerous for LGBT+ people, or maybe the influx of tourists can help change things in these countries? We know that summer holidays 2019 are just a memory now, but mind travels (at least mine is already thinking about where to go to for the next summer) and so here is a little travel reflection of the Editor in Chief ... maybe useful, maybe not ... but certainly interesting. Time Flies Only 60 years ago, a time that may seem long but believe me it is not, Spain was a rather repressive place. Under the grip of General Franco and the Catholic Church, las Costas (Costa Brava) was then a non-fun and not at all safe area. For example, when the first flights brought tourists in search of fun from the UK and Northern Europe in gene...
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