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Love at first sight or oversight?
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Love at first sight or oversight?

Some people believe in love at first sight because it's just what happened to them. What about you? From personal experience or by hearsay, you know what love at first sight is. You probably know how it feels when two "halves" meet and love happens. Nonetheless, you may not be aware of what dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, and pheromones are, and how they affect your mood when you're in love. The former is the result of our pop and "romantic" (and cheesy) culture. The latter are chemistry and biology. When you start dating someone you know nothing about - but somehow you like and feel attracted to - your brain starts secreting a series of hormones and chemical substances that dramatically alter their natural balance all over your body. This is why you get euphoric, a bit anxious or em...
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