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Musileaks: Lady Gaga’s “Free Woman” leaks on twitter.
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Musileaks: Lady Gaga’s “Free Woman” leaks on twitter.

Yes, little “monsters”, twitter is a fantastic place (almost for everything, if you know what I mean), and this time … actually just last night while I could not fall asleep, I bumped into this tweet: https://twitter.com/Gypsypop2/status/1258599382406094850 The entire twitter community went crazy, and no-one could actually believe this song leaked… but hey… not only some music leaked and all Gaga’s fans finally could take a breath of fresh air, but also what might be the official lyrics leaked, and we do like them so much. https://twitter.com/LG_Views/status/1258619940799725569 Do you remember when Lady Gaga spoke about Free Woman in a PAPER magazine interview? “In 2020, what does it mean to be a free woman? Can I feel free on my own? Do I need to be loved in order to feel l...
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