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Film recommendations: Queering your festive viewing
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Film recommendations: Queering your festive viewing

For so long, the Christmas cheesy film has been very straight, very white, usually revolving around 2.2 children. But finally things are changing and here are some ideas for some festive queer in your seasonal viewing. At last, same-sex stories are hitting the mainstream and this is something we need to celebrate. The Prom is an over-the-top song-and-dance cheese-a-thon (yup, cracking out the multi-hyphenates for this one!). A troupe of self-obsessed Broadway has-beens are looking for a new project to give them a social media boost – and decide to help teenager Emma. The school prom in her small town in Indiana has been cancelled by the PTA because they don’t want her to take her girlfriend – prom must be mixed sex couples, or it isn’t happening at all. It’s a musical extravaganza, fron...
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