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Gay Couple brutally beaten in Derry (Northern Ireland)
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Gay Couple brutally beaten in Derry (Northern Ireland)

They only tried to defend a woman that was being harassed by a man. Emmett Doherty and Luke Bromilow were set upon in the early hours of Sunday morning outside a Chinese takeaway after they attempted to help a woman who was being harassed by men. Emmett simply told the man “don’t speak to a woman like that”, and in no time he became the target of the man’s homophobic slurs before getting beaten and left needing the help of doctors. The attack is being treated as a hate crime, and this is the case! Speaking to the Derry Journal, Emmett explained that he and his partner had been considering moving back to the city, but “that is obviously not going to happen now”.         He then added: “Luke is absolutely terrified, he wanted to go back early. He won’t leave the house. He is absolutely ...
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