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Pride 2020: when coronavirus gets in the way
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Pride 2020: when coronavirus gets in the way

Pride is a parade of peaceful fight for the fundamental rights of the life of all LGBT+ people, and it is precisely life that must be protected. Therefore it would be truly irresponsible to continue without second thoughts, and allow the normal running of Pride Parades all over the world. We are facing a global pandemic, an epidemic that is destabilising us all and changing the way we live life everyday together with our future projects. How many of us have had to postpone graduation parties, birthdays, important celebrations and weddings? All is done for a greater good (sure), for the health of mankind and our loved ones but we admit it hurts. So here is that even Pride Parades 2020 around the world suffer from the effects of coronavirus (or Covid-19, whatever you want to call it)....
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