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Santa’s Gay Love is what we all need for Christmas
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Santa’s Gay Love is what we all need for Christmas

Santa Claus pictured in a gay-love relationship in this heartwarming Norwegian tv spot, and marks 50 years since the decriminalisation of homosexuality in Norway (1972). The Norwegians Postal Services this year decided that yes, they wanted to promote their (apparently very reliable and on time) services, but they also wanted to touch the heart of millions of people… and not only in Norway. The clip depicts the developing and always stronger relationship between Santa Claus and another man, who he visits each Christmas over a number of years. https://youtu.be/tyQ6qD-u-J8 The clip is impressive, not only because it pictures Santa Claus in love with a man, but because it also touches themes which are very delicate and too many times left unspoken, such as loneliness and that feelin...
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