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Eurovision 2021 – Daily ESC Updates from the Press Room
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Eurovision 2021 – Daily ESC Updates from the Press Room

Eurovision 2021 - Live news from the Press Room in Rotterdam Ahoy Arena - Daily ESC. Eurovision Song Contest 2021 has opened its doors to almost all participating delegations and we are already at the 4th day of rehearsals. Also this year we are covering the event live from the press room: we will be posting videos and articles on these pages and on our YouTube Channel. https://youtu.be/b8O5S13PVd4 Have you already subscribed to receive all updates and fresh videos? Not yet? H U R R Y U P and click here to subscribe!  Not so many surprises till today, as unfortunately, Covid-19 restrictions have forced to social distancing and to a very reduced number of social events, but music, performances and show are going on no matter restrictions and difficulties. The first four days of...
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