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The Holy Week of Sanremo 2023 has started!
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The Holy Week of Sanremo 2023 has started!

Yes, this is the holiest of the weeks for Italians in Italy and around the world: Sanremo 2023 will start today, and Raffa from TheGaylyMirror, will tell you what to expect and how to watch it. The Festival di Sanremo2023 will officially start today, but the cast members of this edition have already been preparing for some time to make Amadeus, who is again this year's host and artistic director, proud like cool daddy can be. There is great expectation for the show and the highlight of this edition seems to be Chiara Ferragni; fans and haters alike are curious to see how she will fare on the stage of the Ariston Theatre. But who will the guests be? Who are the singers? And what is the setlist? First evening The first evening of the Festival di Sanremo 2023 will be broadcast on Tues...
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