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Joe Biden promises new strengths to LGBT+ rights.
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Joe Biden promises new strengths to LGBT+ rights.

President-elect Joe Biden says he will get rid of Trump’s anti-LGBT+ actions as soon as he will effectively be in charge from January 2021. Nest US president is promising big changes to make up to some of the damages done by Trump, especially when it comes to LGBT+ rights around the states: the ban on Transgender Military Personnel and Trump’s ‘freedom to discriminate’ initiatives will be apparently erased as of January 2021. According to Associated Press, Biden will confirm Obama’s rules barring anti-LGBT+ discrimination for Federal Contractors, he will then create high-level positions on LGBT+ rights in all federal agencies and will act on schools too. Nicolas Talbott, a transgender man who started a legal action over Trump’s military ban, told the Press: “I look forward to be...
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