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Måneskin defend Eurovision Song Contest 
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Måneskin defend Eurovision Song Contest 

Anni-Frid Lyngstad - ABBA - admits she’s no longer a fan of Eurovision, but Måneskin can’t be bothered from her comment. Fronted by Damiano David, Maneskin have become one of the most popular Eurovision contestants in recent years, with their success extending beyond the competition and turning the band into worldwide success. They’ve recently rocked at the MTv’s EMAs and they can’t seem to stop. On the other hand, Abba’s singer Anni-Frid recently said she feels that the competition has changed a lot since her legendary pop group got propelled to superstardom after winning Eurovision in 1974. Damiano, interviewed during the MTV EMAs in Budapest - Hungary, said: “I think that everything changes with time so we have to deal with it – and we like it actually.” And Victoria De Angelis...
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