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Film Recommendation: Appropriate Behaviour
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Film Recommendation: Appropriate Behaviour

Enjoy Appropriate Behaviour, Desiree Akhavan's endearingly frank, bittersweet self-portrait of life as a bi-sexual Iranian-American Brooklynite. Rewatching Appropriate Behaviour reminded me how rarely we see scrappy, imperfect – ie real – women on screen. And how refreshing it is to see them when one is, or knows, imperfect women (ie all of us!). Let alone bisexual women, who get little exposure in films, and a non-white bisexual woman at that. Akhavan herself plays Shirin, an American-Iranian bisexual woman in her 20s, who is not yet out to her parents. At the start of the film she is just breaking up from her girlfriend and the film flits around its timeline in the same messy way that its protagonist’s mind is processing complicated emotions. Shirin is trying to deal with the end of ...
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