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Hungary: Orban and his hold on Trans People’s rights.
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Hungary: Orban and his hold on Trans People’s rights.

The fight against Coronavirus is the used excuse, and Viktor Orban gets full powers to fight the invisible enemy, but apparently, in his plans there would be much more. In recent years, Hungary has repeatedly seen episodes of homophobia and racism because of the extremist drift fomented by President Orban and his party. Last Monday, however, the Hungarian parliament agreed to extend Orban's already strong powers by granting him the right to rule by decree indefinitely. What does it mean? Well. It means that the Hungarian president will be able to make decisions on his own without needing or having to consult other legislators. Orban is not alone in his insane battle against human rights: if on Monday morning his powers had already become untouchable, in the afternoon his deputy Zsol...
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