Homophobe’s karma 

Karma is bitch, and we all know it. Ain’t we, girls?

In this hard situation caused by Covid-19 pandemic, politicians are still looking fro votes and trying to show that they are “close to the population” as much as possible. 
With this attitude, Vladimir Putin visited  Kommunarka, the main Covid-19 hospital in his country and, in front of the cameras, he had a nice chat with Doctor Denis Protsenko. They had quite a serious conversation where Doctor Protsenko spoke about what the hospital was doing for covid-19 patients, and in the end  the shook hands.

All normal, you would say, I know. But as it is possible to see from the tv footage, none of them wore a mask or a protective kit against Covid-19. 

On 31st March 2020, Doctor Protsenko announced he was diagnosed with COVID-19, and on Facebook he wrote: “Yes, I have tested positive for coronavirus, but I feel pretty good. I’ve isolated myself in my office. I think the immunity I’ve developed this month is doing its job.”

Since this news, Vladimir Putin has decided to self-isolate but as the “hero” of the Country he thinks to be, he is remotely working.

A Kremlin’s spoke persone said: “We are taking all precautionary measures.”

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