BFI Flare Film recommendation – My First Summer

This delicate, ethereal debut feature from Australia follows two teenage girls who meet after Claudia’s mother dies. Grace is bolder, more confident, and brings energy into Claudia’s life, expanding her horizons. Grace, an isolated young woman, finds deep friendship. Both of them are otherworldly and naïve, and their companionship brings them great joy as it develops into love.

Like last year’s German film Cocoon, this film is gorgeously steeped in nature – the pair lie in the grass, use plums to dye their sheets, and revel in a country summer. Nature, particularly water, has its dangers but these girls are finding their way in the world, making the most of it and beginning to hit against what society wants of them.

With a gorgeous, ethereal vibe, this is a film to bask in and enjoy the romance, without needing it to be fully rooted in reality.

Link here to watch My First Summer


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