Billy Santoro disappeared from adult sites after racist comments on social media.

Billy Santoro is a gay porn star based in Australia, that after racist comments and after he called called police to shoot Black Protesters #BlackLivesMatter, has disappeared from adult sites.

US are living a really dramatic moment in history: Covid-19 and the rise of Black Communities against the usual brutality of police offices and state-accepted-racism. Demonstrations that have found allies all over the world and especially amongst the LGBT+ community.

But, apparently, this does not apply to Billy Santoro, famous gay porn-star, that lately has used his social media channels (and it is not the first time) to demonstrate his “sympathy” for police officer calling on the to shoot Black People which were demonstrating in the streets.

His tweet – deleted shortly after he posted it following a backlash – can be seen below:

Major porn providers have already acted against him. For example JustForFans quickly condemned Billy Santoro for what he said and removed his accounts. They justified the cancellation saying:  “Policing is a slippery slope and we won’t be puppets to cancel culture. This was not debatable though. It was vile. BLM [Black Lives Matter].”

And JFF also added a new initiative called Black Lives Matter to its charitable giving programme, and they said: “JustForFans stands fully behind Black Lives Matter, our models of colour, and our entire user base, in wishing this cycle of violence against people of colour would end.”

Same thing happened on OnlyFans, where his page was taken down.

But, as we said above, this is not the first time Billy Santoro says something very stupid or racist:


Santoro’s husband, Gage Santoro, has also disappeared from social media and suddenly reappeared saying that Billy had attempted suicide for all the hate he received on social media.

We have contacted the porn star to ask for feedbacks and clarifications.

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