Bristol sees a wave of “door-to-door” homophobia.

Police are carrying out door-to-door enquiries to collect “abhorrent” homophobic pamphlets that were delivered to residences in Bristol, the Bristol Live reports.

There is a strong investigation taking place in Bristol after some anonymous people have pushed through letterboxes of the houses in Redland (a suburb of Bristol) a pamphlet with extremest anti-LGBT+ cartoons. These pamphlet listed homosexuality as a sin, alongside incest, child sacrifice and other bestialities. It all happened on Saturday 18th July.

A police spokesperson said to the Bristol Live “We have received a report about offensive material being distributed in the Redland area in recent days. […]  House-to-house enquiries are being undertaken as part of an ongoing investigation.”

The “Home Alone” comic warns of the dangerous things that the “gay-propaganda” can do to your brain almost “brainwashing” children through TV, news and films. It also tries to teach readers how to reject calls for tolerance towards the “perverted” LGBT+ community.

As also reported on PinkNews, “the pamphlet claims that gay people aren’t born gay but are “brought into the homosexual world” through an act of rape or abuse. It also devotes several pages to the horrors of AIDS, described as a plague “spread primarily by promiscuous gay men”, and claims that “gays are desperate to hide this fact”.

Anyone with information about the booklets can contact police via the force’s website, or by calling 101, quoting the reference number 5220162434.


The American company, which publishes “gospel cartoon tracts,” confirmed to Bristol Live that the “Home Alone” pamphlet is one of its tracts. A spokesperson of this company said the pamphlet “utilises information from history and the Bible” in order to guide people to heaven. He also added: “We love people of all kinds. Only love warns everyone of our coming judgement. […] Because we love all kinds of people, we publish material warning them all of God’s coming judgement, so they can turn to Him and be saved.”

Residents of the area are shocked, and disgusted by the false and trivial pieces information delivered in this pamphlet. Some of them, when interviewed by the Bristol Live, said:  “I’ve never read anything so horrifying in my life. It’s really quite graphic and attacking. […]It doesn’t state on the front what it is about so you don’t know what you’re about to be exposed to — it feels quite deceptive. That’s probably the most dangerous part. When I opened it, I felt quite uncomfortable in our own home.”

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