Festive film: Single All the Way

It’s Christmas Eve and that means it’s time to settle down with a glass of something and some festive cheese – which could be a slice of stilton or could be the hugely enjoyable SINGLE ALL THE WAY on Netflix. Yes, it’s very American, very Hallmark, and very ridiculous but isn’t that just what we want at this time of year – particularly when it is a cute gay romcom that isn’t about trauma or coming out or dealing with an unsupportive family.

Peter (Michael Urie) is heading home from LA to New Hampshire for Christmas, but doesn’t want the annual nag from his parents about why he is still single. When plans with his current squeeze go awry, he persuades his best friend and roommate Nick (Philemon Chambers) to come with him – initially thinking they will pretend to be dating, just to appease the parents. Nothing, of course, goes as planned. There’s a blind date, a family nativity (organised by the divine Jennifer Coolidge as Aunt Sandy), snow, and a very good-looking couple. There’s also a lot of ‘there’s no place like home’ and unlikely dialogue, but who cares – it’s Christmas, it’s cute, it’s mainstream gay content and it’s fun.

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