Film recommendation – Nina’s Heavenly Delights

This is a fun, low-budget film set in the Indian community of Glasgow. It’s a feast of romance, family dynamics and glorious curries with queer representation ahead of its times. It’s not going to become one of your classics, but it makes for a fun night in, and is available to rent on Vimeo.

Nina returns home for her father’s funeral, having fled Glasgow to escape an arranged marriage. She mourns her father, an award-winning chef who taught her everything she knows about cooking curries. She decides to try to save her father’s restaurant and win The Best of the West Curry Competition in his honour. But to do so, she must work with Lisa, who co-owns the restaurant.

As they practise their dishes, a friendship develops between them and romantic sparks fly. But can Nina let herself go, when she fears her mother’s disapproval? Or will she be brave, spurred on by her Bollywood-dancing Gay Best Friend?

An entertaining and sweet film, apparently based on memories of when director Pratibha Parmar fell in love with her partner over a day spent cooking for a group of friends.

(2006 UK 94 mins)

This is certainly not intended to be a slice of gritty social realism – which is not necessarily a bad thing. A playful, fairytale atmosphere pervades and touches of magic realism indicate we are in an ideal world where love will, if not conquer everything, then pretty much hug it into submission.  Amber Wilkinson, An Eye for Film

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