JK Rowling anti-trans tweets are such a disgusting side of someone who gained tons of money with stories of character not fitting in what she defines “normality”.

Her PR team blamed on middle-age related issues when it happened first, but Ms. Rowling proves to be a real TERF, and she’s not ashamed.

It all started when JK Rowling took issue with an article in Devex, the media platform for the global development community, with the headline: “Creating a more equal post-COVID-19 world for people who menstruate.” You may ask your-self why. Well, she apparently got offended with the sentence “who menstruate” …. now, honey, wouldn’t have it been easier to ask your fans to donate for this project or simply dislike the project and promote a different one? Or simply ignore this?

There are so many sentences on LGBT+ communities that I find offensive and inappropriate or even ignorant – just like your anti-trans tweets – but I do turn into a racist. I rather try to take action against injustices… but never mind.

But she was not enough happy so she added a new tweet to her series of anti-trans tweets she had already posted so far:

She nominated herself ‘spokesperson of the LGBT+ community’ posting the below tweet that belongs to one of the founders of the anti-trans pressure group LGB Alliance. As described on PinkNews, this alliance is a “UK-based group that has refused to denounce its neo-Nazi supporters, has ties to homophobic right-wing US hate groups, and whose co-founder, Malcolm Clark – the one who JK Rowling retweeted – says there shouldn’t be LGBT+ clubs in schools because of ‘predatory gay teachers’”.

The LGBT+ community worldwide did not wait long to send their answers to Ms. Rowling, which is showing how TERF and ignorant someone can be.

The question I am still asking my-self, as a human being, a Harry Potter’s Fan, LGBT+ representative and activist, is why someone who gained her fortune (and billions of money) with the creation of stories where their characters were people, beings, who did not fit in the unnatural theme of “normality” – as intended by her and a part of our society – a person, who taught millions of children and teen-agers that acceptance is so needed to avoid evil-situations and hate, then, how can she turn her-self into such a hateful TERF?

How can she still define herself a feminist and hate other women?

JK, honey, sometimes the gender we receive when we are born, does not correspond to the gender we really are, and to live a meaningful and happy life, some people have to face a hard but needed TRANSition to finally have the body and the gender they felt they belong to. Get over it, it is human nature!

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