Learn how to make a mask out of one of your jockstraps in 3 simple steps

Do It Yourself

I know the news might be a bit old, but hey, I could not resist this, I had to report it.

Let’s be honest with ourselves: we all have one or two jockstraps in our underwear drawer and we do like them a lot. But did you know you could turn it into a safe mask to go out and protect yourself from Covid-19?

Emerson Collins – an American TV personality and actor – posted a video on his TikTok channel teaching us hot to make a mask out of a jockstrap! 

As reported from NYPost: “Don’t sew? Don’t worry: That DIY coronavirus face mask might be in your gym bag.”

In his video, Emerson said: “I made a Jockstrap Mask Tutorial because I’m ridiculous”. It is a 1 minute video and in 3 easy steps you can get a fashionable, reusable and echo-friendly mask against Coronavirus.

Isn’t this simply amazing? In the minutelong clip, Collins demonstrates a simple, three-step method for securing the protective gear to cover the nose and mouth. He then models a variety of looks using the method, showcasing his surprisingly varied collection.

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