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Italy: crime of passion. Killer revealed and arrested.
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Italy: crime of passion. Killer revealed and arrested.

Friends of the victim have quickly shared the picture of the killer on social medias. The Killer of a young gay man in Italy (Rome) has quickly been identified and arrested for the murder of Alessandro Borrelli, who was killed yesterday afternoon shortly after 6.30 pm in his apartment on the ground floor of Via Cagliari, in the suburbs of Ciampino - Rome. It is not yet clear whether Stefano, who managed to save himself by miracle, was his new partner or just a friend, but it is thanks to the witness of the survivor that police immediately found the killer. Crime of passion is the main hypothesis followed by the investigators, even if other options are not excluded. There may be other people involved. Terror, however, in the complex of public housing, where gunshots rang out sudden...
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