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Eurovision 2021 – First Semifinal results and reactions.
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Eurovision 2021 – First Semifinal results and reactions.

The first Semifinal of Eurovision Song Contest 2021 has just ended and we have the first 10 finalists that will join the Big 5 and The Netherlands in the Grand Final of Saturday 22nd May 2021.  So many feelings, so many emotions: we spent the whole night watching the event live from the Press Room in Rotterdam Ahoy Arena, and hey, did we have goosebumps the whole night! Two years since the last real Eurovision Song Contest (Tel Aviv 2019) and we finally had the chance to enjoy such a fantastic music show that the whole world enjoyed.  Who are the finalists? Do we agree with them all? No! Absolutely not!  Norway for example: a very weak staging; a very weak voice and we hope the back singers are paid good enough to save Tix’s voice every time he sings live on that stage; majori...
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