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Why we love Senhit – San Marino’s FREAKY queen
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Why we love Senhit – San Marino’s FREAKY queen

From her first appearance on Dusseldorf's stage in 2011 to her great return to the contest in 2020 (and then again in 2021), she's conquered our hearts with her warm smiles, her powerful voice and, let's be honest, her always different, unique and never boring outfits. We are obviously talking of the undisputed queen of San Marino (yes Valentina, 'Maybe' you have tried too many times and dropped the crown!), 'Her Freakiness' , Senhit. After an unfair non-qualification in 2011 with the beautiful pop-ballad 'Stand By' (for which, by the way, I am still crying out for revenge), she accepted to come back and 'battle', again, for one of the smallest countries in the world, that has an history whne it comes to competing in this Contest: San Marino. Let's be clear: a returning artist f...
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