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Eurovision 2020 – A Battle for Titans # Titina20
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Eurovision 2020 – A Battle for Titans # Titina20

Less than 80 days to this Eurovision Song Contest 2020 in Rotterdam and challenges have already begun. Oh yeah! Since each nation published the song and the artist which will represent them on the Eurovision stage, each piece started a sort of challenge amongst the others, a challenge made of clicks, likes, views, streams and above all comments. This is the case of the two artists competing for Iceland and Lithuania, respectively: Daði & Gagnamagnið with Think About Things and The Roop with On Fire. From the moment both songs were revealed to the world, a real craze started for the bands that play them and for their choreographies - simple but effective. For example, Daði & Gagnamagnið with their Think About Things, a funky-synth-pop song, which Freyr wrote for his recently bor...
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