Eurovision 2020 – A Battle for Titans # Titina20

eurovision song contest 2020 - battle for titans

Less than 80 days to this Eurovision Song Contest 2020 in Rotterdam and challenges have already begun.

Oh yeah! Since each nation published the song and the artist which will represent them on the Eurovision stage, each piece started a sort of challenge amongst the others, a challenge made of clicks, likes, views, streams and above all comments.

This is the case of the two artists competing for Iceland and Lithuania, respectively: Daði & Gagnamagnið with Think About Things and The Roop with On Fire.

From the moment both songs were revealed to the world, a real craze started for the bands that play them and for their choreographies – simple but effective.

For example, Daði & Gagnamagnið with their Think About Things, a funky-synth-pop song, which Freyr wrote for his recently born daughter, and that in just less than a month since its release, has become viral thanks to his strangely funny and compelling music video, which presents the band dressed in matching sweaters and dancing apathetically in front of stunned relatives. A video that has already reached over a million views on YouTube.

And on the other hand, the challengers are The Roop, which with their song full of motivation – because you are never too old if you have a burning fire inside of you and the stubbornness to chase your dreams – have launched a real “Rooster” choreography mania. As Vaidotas said (the leader of the band): “This year’s song is about something that I have been carrying and observed around me for so long. We underestimate ourselves too often. We think we don’t meet some standards or we are uninteresting, or too young, too old. “

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//LT// ON FIRE dance! Klausėte žingsnių – duodame! Išmok žingsnius, nusifilmuok, pasidalink su prierašu #OnFireDance ir atsiųsk video mums (per wetransfer.com labai patogu). O mes sudėsime viską į vieną vaizdo klipą! Svarbiausia yra nuotaika – nepersistenk. 1-2-3-GO! Tech. dalykai: Filmuoti gali ir vertikaliai, ir horizontaliai. Gali įmesti download linką mums per IG Arba atsiųsk į paštą info@theroop.com . //EN// ON FIRE dance! You were asking for the dance moves – we give them to you! Learn the moves, film yourself, share the video with #OnFireDance tag and send it to us(wetransfer.com is really easy). We will put all of your clips together into one music video! Don't overdo it, what matters is the mood. 1-2-3-GO! Technical stuff: You can film either vertically or horizontally. You can share the download link directly with us on IG Or send it to info@theroop.com #OnFireDance #theroop #eurovision #eurovizija #dance #dancechallenge #eurovision2020

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It will be a challenge for the last like … and who knows if the next Eurovision Song Contest will take us to Reykjavik or Vilnius.

Who cares? What matters is music!

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