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Eurovision 2021 – Who is Ahmad Joudeh
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Eurovision 2021 – Who is Ahmad Joudeh

We’ve seen him and appreciated his performance (and not only) in yesterday’s second Semifinal of Eurovision 2021, so we want to invite you all to get to know Ahmad a bit closer. Ahmad is Syrian and is now an international ballet star, but his past and childhood gave him many obstacles to overcome, and he did, boy if he did!  He was born in 1990 in Yarmouk in Damascus, where he grew up and lived for the first years of his life. From 2007 until 2016 he studied dance and taught ballet to support himself in the city of Damascus. He also taught dance to orphaned and disabled children free of charge. His mother still lives in Syria, while his father lives in Germany. Ahmad not only struggled to survive as a dancer during the Syrian war: he also fought a tough, private war to realise his dream...
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