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Italy: protesters in the streets to support ZAN Anti Homotransphobia  Bill
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Italy: protesters in the streets to support ZAN Anti Homotransphobia Bill

The Italian LGTB+ population and that huge majority of Italians that love and want Civil Rights for all, started a huge protest after Zan Bill got stopped during its run to become a law. Zan Bill - Anti Homotransphobia - had already been bounced, delayed and longly discussed before getting completely stopped two days ago in the Italian Senate, and unfortunately the images we saw of that vote, were images that could only belong to a nation of troglodytes. But Italy is not the country that those fascist political parties want to picture: Italy is a nation of good-hearted and civil people that have detached themselves from the politics long ago, and that show huge support to LGBT+ rights. From TV hosts to the Streets of the major cities, peaceful but impacting protests and messages have s...
Anti Homo-Transphobia bill in Italy gets completely stopped.
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Anti Homo-Transphobia bill in Italy gets completely stopped.

The journey from bill to law of what is known in Italy as DDL Zan (Anti Homo-transphobia bill) gets abruptly interrupted today. Twenty-three votes scuttled the Zan Bill. The centre-left was sure to have 149 votes on paper, but two abstained and 16 senators passed with the centre-right. The result was 154 votes for NO and 131 for YES, a ratio that was reversed compared to the theoretical starting point envisaged by the forces in the field.  From the Democratic Party, accusations were levelled at those belonging to the party of the Ex Prime-Minister, Mr. Matteo Renzi.  Now Ignazio La Russa (Far right party - Fratelli d’Italia) says: "There is a new majority". Dem leader Monica Cirinnà (famous for her battle to make a law on same sex marriages approved in Italy) said: "The centre-left ...
Vatican VS Italy for LGBT+ rights
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Vatican VS Italy for LGBT+ rights

The State of Vatican has just started a sort of diplomatic war against Italy while the Italian Parliament gets ready to discuss a law against Homophobia. If Italy is a very socially advanced country where finally same-sex unions are granted by the legislation and have almost same rights as a heterosexual marriage, surely it is still not a country where the LGBT+ population is fully protected against discrimination and abuse We have already spoken here about the Zan Bill Proposal (aka DDL Zan) and that still, after more than year since the PM Alessandro Zan proposed this bill, and after the thousands of revisions that the entire bill received from the right and conservative opposition, the Italian Parliament was almost ready to start the final discussion in order to approve and pass the...
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