Italy: protesters in the streets to support ZAN Anti Homotransphobia Bill

The Italian LGTB+ population and that huge majority of Italians that love and want Civil Rights for all, started a huge protest after Zan Bill got stopped during its run to become a law.

Zan Bill – Anti Homotransphobia – had already been bounced, delayed and longly discussed before getting completely stopped two days ago in the Italian Senate, and unfortunately the images we saw of that vote, were images that could only belong to a nation of troglodytes. But Italy is not the country that those fascist political parties want to picture: Italy is a nation of good-hearted and civil people that have detached themselves from the politics long ago, and that show huge support to LGBT+ rights.

From TV hosts to the Streets of the major cities, peaceful but impacting protests and messages have started taking place yesterday and they will continue for the next days.

XFactor’s Emma Marrone and Mika attack the Politicians.

Emma Marrone and Mika – both XFactor Hosts in Italy – spoke during yesterday’s show, complaining about the lack of interest from many politicians towards LGBT+ rights and said that “this is not Italy we love”.

Emma said: “The images we saw yesterday in the Senate, when the path of the Zan DDL was definitively blocked, were embarrassing. I think I can also speak on behalf of my colleagues at the table, on behalf of a tv show that since the beginning has fought for civil rights and against every discrimination”. But at that table Mika is even harder: “What I saw does not represent that Italy I know, the country I fell in love with. That Italy that welcomed me and has always protected me since I arrived to this country. But I want to believe that Italy remains capable of that love and welcome in which I want to continue to be able to believe.


Historic Italian Cooking TV Show Host – Antonella Clerici – addresses a message of hope and delusion.

Antonella Clerici is one of the most loved and known faces of RAI. She has been hosting a cooking show around lunch time for the last 20 years (and more). Yesterday, opening the episode she said: “We won everything this year: sport, sweets, panettoni, music, we are on top of world. It is a pity for Civil Rights, because we’ve lost a chance!”

Cities around Italy get coloured with rainbows for peaceful but strong protests.

Milan and Rome started their marches for Civil and LGBT+ rights. Immense crowds of respectful and loving people walked along the streets of Milan and Rome and gathered to protest against the stop of Zan Bill.

This is that Italy that all people around the world love: an Italy that stands up for civil rights, an Italy that fights for what is right and good and detaches themselves from those politicians or people that want to through such a marvellous country back into Medieval Times.

Of course cavemen and cavewomen condamned those gatherings saying that during pandemics “such crowds should not be allowed” and that “if people criticize No Vax gathering, so they should do for these protests”.

What those people, maybe, do not understand (and this is just who is writing that is venting), is that all those rainbow crowds really care about themselves and the others, this is why they are all 100% vaccinated and therefore not dangerous for society… those No-Vax instead… well… I think you all got it!

Protests will continue in many other Italian cities along the weekend and all next week. The fight is up and Homo-Transphobia has no place in Italy!


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  • Good for Antonella and all decent, good and fair-minded Italians ! Many Italians watch the show and respect Antonella from her days on La Prova Di Cuoco. I applaud her 100% ! Sadly,Italy lags behind the rest of the E.U. in granting equal rights and protections to LGBT citizens; including same-sex marriage, adoptions by gay couples and legal protections in housing, employment,etc. Italian citizens are well aware of the story of Alex, a gay man harassed, bullied and terrorized in his Torino condo complex with his partner for being gay. Italy is in line with such places like Poland, Hungary and Russia in

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